Contour Ultima Bath Chair – Grey – Large


This large Contour Ultima Bath Chair in grey is a supportive bath aid with a wide range of adjustments for users and is made to the highest standards of quality to ensure years of exceptional service. It has been carefully designed with the aim of providing postural support for users who find sitting comfortably challenging when bathing. The carer and client are receiving high levels of comfort and security with this height and angle adjustable chair that includes an independent backrest and calf movement for symmetrical postures. It features multiple strap attachment points for upholding excellent safety and posture during use. Compatible with standard baths, it’s mesh seating surface is lightweight as well as fast drying. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel with a multiple strap position to accommodate body growths or changes in support needs for long-term use. The straps are adjustable and prevent the user from sliding underwater due to being unsupported. With independent folding legs, seat height/angle adjustment and angle adjustable backrest and calf this bath chair can also have additional features added to, such as supports and straps.

This Contour Ultima Bath Chair also comes in two other sizes and colours from this area of the website.


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